Positive Feedback

What Audiences Are Saying

Liza Pavlakos Microsoft
This was my favorite talk of the year! I was so captivated I could not even multi-task. I didn’t want to miss a word!
Liza Pavlakos Coca-Cola
Liza’s representation is insightful, actionable and authentic.
Liza Pavlakos Lenovo
Liza’s learning session for mental health awareness month was informative and highly inspirational.
Liza Pavlakos Zurich
Liza is an outstanding speaker. Her story inspires us to change for the betterment of our families, our teams and our clients.
Liza Pavlakos Oberoi
Liza is a phenomenal speaker. Her keynote is actionable and life-changing. She inspires transformation.
Liza Pavlakos Ritz-Carlton
Liza is an authentic speaker. She makes her audience see their future with possibilities.
Liza Pavlakos Just Eat Takeaway

We had amazing feedback from the session. Liza Pavlakos was truly inspiring.

Liza Pavlakos Vista Equity Partners

Awe-inspiring and highly motivating, we left the presentation energised. She gave a presentation for our virtual event, and although it wasn’t a live event, her storytelling skills are exceptional.

Liza Pavlakos Palazzo Versace

It was an uplifting presentation Liza gave to the entire team at a time when we were trying to manage a crisis. The optimism she brought to our team inspired our leaders to believe anything is possible.

Liza Pavlakos Toastmasters

Liza’s impact and the transformative work she has accomplished on a global level deeply moved us. Presenting her with the prestigious Golden Gavel was a true honour Toastmasters International.

Liza Pavlakos Executive Assistant Network

What an extraordinary woman – not a dry eye in the room.  A story of strength, courage, passion and raw bravery in the face of adversity.  With her humble forgiving nature, Liza found light in helping others and inspiring change, leaving those lucky enough to meet her uplifted and striving to unleash their power within.

Liza Pavlakos Qatar Airways

Liza possesses the ability to deeply touch hearts, and upon hearing her story, our teams are motivated by her inspirational influence, driving them to embrace change and strengthen their resilience in times of personal difficulty.