Every speaking engagement is different from the next, and so I strive to customise each keynote so that each audience member has valuable takeaways.

THE three C’s of life: Choices, chances, changes. 

My straightforward, well-researched, sessions instill confidence in delegates to strive for excellence, unfazed by obstacles. I am devoted to presenting the most captivating keynote presentation. My material is backed by real-life events, emotional intelligence, and positive psychology that are proven to reap enormous rewards for your business.  My presentation will fill your audience with confidence, and the power to engage your audience to fully step into the leaders, collaborators, closers, and communicators your company strives to create. Below are topics I have hand-crafted leveraging my expertise in overcoming adversity and entrepreneurship through riveting, personal and historical storytelling.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to generate better self-awareness  
  • Discover how to turn obstacles into opportunities
  • Understand the secret to power and vulnerability to instantly align your team for change.
  • Learn ways to keep yourself in a self-confident, resourceful, and decisive mindset all day, every day.
  • How to develop your passion for your business

how to turn obstacles into opportunities. 

How one responds to adversity is a global predictor of success, and it is the most critical concept that any person can learn.
Through my presentation, your audience will learn actionable tools on how to respond to adversity and to turn them into opportunities.

Learning Objectives

  • Be inspired and motivated to reach your true potential.
  • Discover the F3 response your brain operates.
  • Learn ways to turn obstacles into opportunities
  • Learn how to turn fear into action.

the three strategies of HOW WOMEN LEAD


This enlightening keynote presentation will inspire women to raise their professional games and walk towards their dreams. No dream is too big; no goal is unachievable. Through riveting storytelling of my life, I aim to leave your audience mesmerised to realise that they can achieve anything they wish to accomplish in life because the power is truly within them.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate how to adopt a “resilient mindset.”
  • Explore fixed vs. growth mindset
  • Introduce the three essential principles that drive success.
  • Illustrate the importance of failure and imperfection.
  • Discover the power within.