The Power of Positive Thinking

Many believe that ‘opposites attract’. But this theory really only proves to be true in some relationships. It’s actually a scientific fact that ‘like attracts like’. So, if you can focus on a positive mindset, science lends itself to the idea that you will attract more positive circumstances into your life.

Similarly, if you fall into a habit of negative thinking, you will attract more negative energy and pain.

Some people might describe this energy as Karma, which is distinctly different to the laws of attraction.

With Karma, it is believed that if you do good, you will receive great blessings. Likewise, if you do wrong, then you will receive negative Karma in return.

Karma and the law of attraction are similar, yet different in one very significant way.

When it comes to the powers of attraction, the blessings are entirely up to you.

Think positively, and you attract positivity from the universe and positive circumstances are drawn into your life.

If you have a pessimistic worldview, your negative circumstances are somewhat self-inflicted, because you chose to think in a negative way.

We all face adversities and challenges in our lives, but I believe that positive thinking gives you the strength to face any situation head-on.

I know that it is incredibly challenging to stay positive when tragedy strikes. Still, if you can remain steadfast in trying to attain a positive mindset, you will have the courage to overcome any adversity. 

We attract into our lives what we put out into the universe.

If we want positive experiences and results, we have the ability within us to embody the power of positivity to make that happen.

How do we stay positive? Here are some tips:

1) Focus on the positive aspects of life.

Challenging situations and obstacles are a part of life, but direct your attention towards the positive aspects of your life. Try and focus your energy and thoughts on what is favourable rather than what is harmful.

2) Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is so helpful. It makes you think about and appreciate the simple things in life that make your world peaceful. Try and focus on what is working in your life and keep a gratitude journal. This way, you can be reminded of the things that make you happy every day.

3) Laugh more.

Laughter can be a cure for sadness. Give yourself permission to laugh a little and you’ll immediately see and feel your emotional and mental state shift from a negative mindset to a positive mindset. There are plenty of things to laugh at, so be open to humor and welcome the chance to laugh out loud.

4) Spend time with positive people.

Surround yourself with people who uplift you and help you see the bright side. Negative people can drain your energy very quickly, so preserve your energy by engaging with grateful, happy people.

5)     Practice being kind to yourself.

Go easy on yourself and try not to be your own worst critic. Over time, negative thought patterns can damage your emotional wellbeing. So, always practice positive self-talk.

Here’s an example of positive self-talk:

Instead of thinking, “I really messed that up,” try, “I’ll try it again a different way.” It’s all about changing your narrative. What you tell yourself is important. So, always be kind.

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