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Topics to Inspire.

Unique keynotes, tailored to meet your individual needs, with valuable insights that encourage greater self-awareness, and the tools to implement immediate positive change.


Inspiring, empowering, and packed with real-world insights for peak performance and exceptional leadership.


Designed with customised content, fully adaptable to different business models, challenges, motivations and opportunities.


Real, relevant and from the heart, with tangible applications in leadership, negotiation, change, sales and teamwork.


Teams will thrive and become stronger, by learning new skills that help them face adversity with courage and strength, while planning for a positive, productive future.


The complete opener or closer motivates teams to reach for the stars, achieve their goals and recognise their own potential.


Your audience will feel energised – and empowered.

Featured Keynotes.

Thinking Big, Thinking Fast, Thinking Ahead.

Going Beyond Survival.
The Secret to Success.

Going Beyond

Develop A Winning Mindset
for Achieving Your Dreams.

How People

Becoming by Overcoming.
Reach Your Highest Potential.

Liza’s programs:

Motivated salespeople = better business growth

Achieving better sales and growth is possible, if only you have the confidence – and strategy – to dream a bigger dream.
Don’t let the adversities of your past hinder your path to a brighter financial future.

Financial services

Businesses in the financial sector, including banks, credit unions, financial planners, accountants, investment advisers and insurance companies rely on exceptional service delivery to drive the client relationships that have a direct impact on sales outcomes. Developing greater resilience enhances the inner strength that helps salespeople excel – with improved outcomes for activity generation, prospecting and overcoming objections.


The future of each new generation is in the hands of the teachers and educational specialists. It is an important responsibility that can be both rewarding and challenging. Building greater resilience is critical to helping team members survive and thrive in the environment of an educational institution. With Liza’s inspiration, individuals understand how to nurture the positive mindset required to overcome burnout and stay motivated and engaged.

Mental health and wellbeing

Enhancing the potential of your team demands care, empathy and understanding. The mental health and wellbeing sector presents unique challenges for everyone involved. Learn how to nurture positivity and build greater levels of resilience to help health care workers, industry leaders, medical professionals and support teams in the sector manage the rapidly changing demands of the dynamic health environment. Renewed passion and fulfilment protects the mental health and wellbeing of those in the industry – and leads to improved connections with patients too.

Women’s conferences

For women working in the leadership space, women supporting other women in business, or those committed to ongoing education, as well as personal and professional development, Liza’s lived experience has many lessons.

Key program takeaways:


Create a visionary game plan that motivates strategic action. Understand how conscious visualisation helps create a competitive advantage. Discover how connecting your team to a shared brand vision has a positive impact. Unlock the benefits of setting goals that encourage you to dream bigger and expand your horizons.


Learn how to create an unstoppable mindset and release resistance around change. Stop negative mindset becoming your biggest handicap – for increased productivity. Explore how thinking differently and asking new questions helps you navigate change with purpose and positivity. Understand how the leadership trait of forgiveness helps strengthen team building and employee engagement.


Learn the leadership traits that keep you focused. Overcome the obstacles in your way to reach for bigger goals. Nurture fresh ways to build resilience and improve performance. Learn strategies that help you stay agile and flexible – and ready to face each new challenge.

Liza has been privileged to present for some of the world’s best companies.

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