The road isn't
an easy one.

Letting go and moving forward are the stepping stones to success.

About Liza



Liza Pavlakos is a proud ‘Toastmasters Golden Gavel Award’ recipient.

Her proven experience at the helm of multiple businesses makes Liza an ideal motivator to help others achieve their own success stories.

As the founder and CEO of Positive Breakthroughs, she works with a team of experienced chartered psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors and coaches who are dedicated to improving mental health. 

When she was 22, Liza overcame homelessness and hosted more than 4000 people at her first Miss India International event with zero start-up capital. She opened a bar and restaurant in Melbourne’s CBD when she was 25,  and, without any formal experience,  launched and operated five tailoring stores by hiring a team of tailors and seamstresses to manage them, then curating a top-tier list of loyal clients.

Liza has been recognised in various award categories and featured as an empowerment expert on CNN, BBC and other high-profile media outlets.

As a keynote speaker, Liza’s client list includes The Coca-Cola Company, Marriott International, Just Eats, Lenovo Australia and New Zealand, AON, Versace, Qatar Airways, Zurich Insurance Group and other Fortune 500 companies.

Liza believes – and proves – that anyone can achieve their dreams. By exploring what blocks us, and focusing on how to make that burning desire to succeed a driving force of unwavering perseverance, resilience and improved inner strength, Liza’s approach inspires strong leadership, and the genuine connections that lead to better team-building and enhanced performance.

Liza’s upcoming book, Conviction – detailing her personal and professional journey and the lessons she has learned along the way is also available soon.

Some people come into your life as blessings, other people come to your life as lessons.

Liza Pavlakos

As well as empowering and providing actionable strategies, Liza’s keynotes are designed to deliver solutions your audience will never forget.

Pursuing dreams, building a family.

For Liza, nothing compares to motherhood. Guiding her five beautiful children to become mentally and emotionally robust and resilient human beings is a role that challenges and enriches her every day.

Although her life hasn’t always been easy, by learning that changing the past is impossible, Liza continues to deal with the ravages of PTSD and has chosen to embrace a present that is full of positivity. In doing so, she lays the foundation that helps make enjoying a future that is rich with opportunity a reality.

When you invite Liza to share her incredible story with your organisation, igniting the inner-spirit of your audience offers the potential to dream bigger – and beyond – and live with fulfilment, both personally and professionally.